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︎ Graphic Designer

︎ Petra’s work is identified by bright colors, strong      visual language and the use of print and                      different media. Her approach and views  are            converted into narrative images and colorful              compositions.

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Handmade booklet with poems and visuals about
doubting and insecurity based on my personal ones.
size:  148 X 210
media: Ink and typewriter

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De race tegen de machine
The race against the machine
Poster series of 3 about the position of 
designer in our digital world.

Designers are and remain the messengers in our fast
changing world, they will have to continue to keep up
with all the technological developments.
There are endless possibilities if designers
dare to make the step to distinguish from the mass.
size: 841 X 594


Between spaces


size: 420 X 594 
media: riso / silkscreen / print

 Landshapes fanzine   

Size: 297 X 420 
Media: risoprint

Break the rules by
inventing new ones

Result of a 2 week workshop by Anja Kaiser.

As contemporary graphic designers we all build and rely on many rules. This manifesto serves as a tool to design against the graphic design rules. We question them by inventing our own rules and applying them in the design process. We dare you to allow yourself to fail, learn and to leave your comfortzone. We dare you to break the old rules by inventing new ones. 

size: Unknown.
media: riso, silkscreen and print 

︎This manifesto is designed by using the rules and applying those on posters of different sizes folded into a booklet with rules and the outcome. ︎
This manifesto can be used as a tool in the design
process or as an experimental tool.
You can download the rules here.

Structures of the streets

Booklet and poster series inspired by old handmade
typography of the streets in Utrecht. A mix of digital
and analog media. I used the press and ink to create
a similar structure for the booklet, as on the facades.

size:  Booklet 148 X 210
Posters 297 X 420
media: Ink, press, binding and digital media



Onbegrensd festival

Identity and poster design for “Onbegrensd Festival”
An event where music, art and poetry comes together.
Organised by HKU students.
Size: 420 X 584

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