Petra Verkade


PTRVRKD is a one-person creative studio based in Utrecht. Founded by Petra Verkade. Her methods focus on the fields of illustration, graphic design often in combination with print. Besides being a freelance designer, her passion is making risograph prints. An overview of her risograph work can be found here. 

 ︎︎︎ UtrechtLab             ︎︎︎ Editorial design, illustration

︎︎︎ Record sleeve designs

︎︎︎ Kunstmanifestatie CareFull               ︎︎︎ Visual identity, campaign & signing

︎︎︎ Makers van Merwede             ︎︎︎ Visual identity & campaign

︎︎︎ Vers Magazine                ︎︎︎ Editorial design, illustration

︎︎︎De Bierkantine                ︎︎︎ Logo, visual identity & signing

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