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Identity             Nacht Café




Visual Identity for Nacht Café.

Nacht Café is the place for creativity, collaborations and meetings between (former) HKU students. 

Nachtcafé asked for a more open, mysterious and colorful identity with a strong appearance towards nightlife. They changed their name from HKU Café to Nacht Café to separate the appearance of the events, the organization from HKU and make it less study related. The colors are choosen in collaboration with the Nacht Café team, to give it a more night life feeling and to connect Nacht Café more with the EKKO venue where it takes place. 

Typeface in use: VG5000

HKU café is the “café” for every HKU student or alumni. We’ll set up our café at different places through Utrecht, but are mostly present at EKKO. Our goal is to set up an inclusive, cosy and fun place for all of HKU. We strive to be a place of collaboration, meeting, but also just relaxing and drinking beers after a hard day of study.