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In het nauw              handmade            booklet


A collection of 10 poems with a perspective on
the big city and us, small human beings.
Somtimes it feels like we are trapped between the
buildings, vulnerable all the time like small puppets.
It feels like we can all be claustrophobic
in this crowded world.

The handdrawed lines stand for a part of something
bigger, which we can only see the smallest glimpe of.
The poems are written from a captive and claustrophobic
point of view on human beings. All the poems are written
by typewriter to match the appearance of the book
with the poems and to express the feeling of vulnerability.

Presented as an installation in exhibition form at
“Ondertiteld” (Exhibition organized by Graphic
Design students) located at University of arts in Utrecht 2017.

Media: Typewriter, Acrylic markers.
Size: 210 x 140

This project is inspired by the
short movie: ‘Just like the movies’ by Michal Kosakowski