︎ Education

(2017 - NOW)
Graphic Design
University of the Arts Utrecht

Exchange period
Visual Communication
Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

2018 - Current
Freelancer - Graphic Design
and illustration.

(2013 - 2017) 
Media design
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

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Utrecht Print Exchange
Meet the Printmaker
The Peachy Magazine
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︎ Meet the maker 

︎ Meet the printmaker: Petra Verkade
on creative exploration and process.

Petra Verkade is an Utrecht based illustrator,
designer and printmaker.She is currently studying at
the University of Arts Utrecht, majoring in graphic design.

Her work is identified by bold colors, playful illustrations and the use of strong visual language. As a designer, Petra can be seen as an enthusiastic maker who adores working with her hands and with an enormous drive to make and experiment. She loves exploring the fields of screen- and risoprint. Petra has a curious attitude and she surely is not afraid to push her boundaries in the techniques she uses. Her working method is fast, she produces lots in a short time and therefore pays more attention to the process.

Printmaking is a a big part of her work. She often takes the challenge to find the extreme combinations of combining colors and the endless possibilities the technique has to offer. Not knowing how a design develops is always a challenge for her.
With printmaking, the colors stand out more, it’s often much more personal and the urge to develop prints is enermous in her working process.

As a maker she combines these different analog and digital techniques and is always looking for new approaches and explorations to discover in the fields of graphic design and illustration.

She is active in the fields of screenprinting, illustration,
risograph print, graphic design and editorial design.


Experience ︎

Graphic Designer
Nachtcafe Utrecht

Graphic and Editorial Designer
Student society U.S.R.

Graphic Designer
Ensuite Utrecht

Intern and employee
Buro Vink
Graphic- and webdesign

Seen and been ︎ 

Rabarber Utrecht, 2019
Selected prints

Broei Utrecht, 2019
Printmaker via venster

HE:LEEN Festival Utrecht, 2019

RUIS, 2019
Poster group exhibition
Amsterdam, NL 

Ondertiteld, 2017
Group book exhibition 
Utrecht, NL